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Our Detention Division consists of a combination of Deputy Sheriffs and Detention Officers who operate and support a modern detention facility constructed in 1991 which houses 168 inmates.  In addition to housing individuals on local charges, the Crisp County Detention Center is an approved federal housing facility, contracted to house inmates for the United States Marshals Service and the United States Bureau of Prisons.  These contracts allow for savings in operating costs which would otherwise have to be paid for from local funds.

Within the Detention Division, we have an inmate labor detail, which is made up of low-risk inmates who provide a great service to Crisp County by completing clean-up and maintenance projects, under the supervision of Deputy Sheriffs.  Additionally, inmate labor is utilized within the detention facility kitchen, laundry, and perform facility cleaning and maintenance upkeep.   During 2013, these inmates contributed more than 47,000 labor hours to Crisp County.  Figuring at minimum wage, these services saved local taxpayers an estimated $334,776. 

Inmates who volunteer for these programs and successfully complete their assignments are eligible to earn early release status.  The Detention Center also offers weekly programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), various religious services, and a General Educational Development (GED) programs for inmates who have not graduated high school.  The GED program at the Crisp County Detention Center has resulted in a total of more than 90 inmates who have graduated and received their GED Certificate to help them become a more productive citizen and get their lives back on track. 

Only One Child Allowed Per Visitation Day. ID required for children 16 and older.

All inmate's are allowed money to be put on there inmate's account to be used for commissary call. There are a couple of ways that inmates can receive money.
  • You may bring the money in person to the Detention Center. Only cash will be accepted in person at the Detention Center (no money orders). There is a kiosk in the front lobby that you can deposit the money into and it will be automatically be added to their account.

  • You may mail the money to the inmate via the US Mail to be added to their account. (Please note that if you send a money order this way there will be a $2.00 service fee for processing of the money order)

  • You may also go online and add the money to their account by visiting

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