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The Sheriff’s Office is proud of the alliance we have established with citizens, businesses,

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collaborative efforts are central to fighting crime in our community.  In the past 12 months criminal

arrests have continued to increase.


Our office has grown to 57 deputies, 21 detention officers, and another 6 civilians who are committed

to providing superior service to our citizens of Crisp County.   I assure you that we will remain focused

on our core purpose to seek justice, preserve peace, and improve the quality of life for all by providing

exceptional law-enforcement services.


As the 11th Sheriff to serve Crisp County, it is my distinct honor and privilege to lead a sheriff’s office that

is highly visible and proactive while delivering a personal level of professional services to the citizens we

are sworn to protect.




Sheriff Billy Hancock

Crisp County, Georgia



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NEW!  Sheriff Billy Hancock announced Wednesday they arrested three men in the case of a man who was killed in a home invasion over the weekend.  Officials arrested Harold Brown, 46, John Dunlap, 32, on Tuesday, and Christopher Rawls, 27 Wednesday morning.  All three men face charges of murder, malice murder, and charges for home invasion, kidnapping, and assault are coming soon. 

Sheriff Billy Hancock says two masked men showed up at Geoffrey Jones' home on Old Penia Road around 1:30 Sunday morning, and planned to rob him. He also said the three knew each before the shooting.  When Jones arrived, the three men got into an argument. That's when the two masked men shot at Jones and killed him.  The men are in jail less than 72 hours after investigators say they showed up at this home on Old Penia Road intending to rob Jones.

Investigators have been working non-stop since 1:30 Sunday morning.  "I'm thankful for this country I live in, my God, and I am thankful for these [investigators]," said Sheriff Billy Hancock.  More than a half dozen agencies have assisted in the murder investigation.  "Interviews Monday night led us to some people that we wanted to question yesterday, which led late yesterday afternoon to the district attorney's office helping us prepare murder warrants, malice murder warrants, for 3 individuals," said Sheriff Billy Hancock.  "We could not have done it without everybody working together as a team--dropping any particular uniform or badge, but just becoming United as one," said Sheriff Billy Hancock. 

Dunlap and Brown were caught Tuesday at their home in Cordele. Rawls was caught this morning after a short foot chase in Dooly County.  "Rawls and Brown actually lived together in a house here in Cordele. Dunlap was a neighbor and a close friend. They all had some relationship sort of hustling on the streets," said GBI Agent Rhett Moore.  Agents processed the car today. They say Dunlap was driving as he dropped off Rawls and Brown. They're accused of going inside to rob Jones, agents are unsure of their relationship with him.  "We're not sure exactly if they had a close relationship, but they knew of him," said Moore.

The investigation is far from over. "I can assure you that there's probably going to be more arrests. There are people in this community who have hidden, who have given rides to, and possibly tampered with evidence," said Sheriff Billy Hancock.  Jones’s girlfriend and another friend were home at the time of the shooting and possibly witnessed it.  Sheriff Billy Hancock adds that it's time for folks in the community to stand up. He urges you to call his office if you know anyone who assisted in covering up this crime or had knowledge that they withheld.  The three suspects have not appeared before a judge yet. 

The sheriff's office was assisted by the GBI, the District Attorney’s office, Community Supervision, Georgia State Patrol, US Marshals, Cordele Police Department and the FBI.


NEW!  A one-vehicle accident here resulted in two people being transported to a local hospital with serious injury. The driver of the 2011 Acura was traveling north on Highway 41 when she lost control of the vehicle entering a curve near Eddie Road and the vehicle left the road hitting a tree, before coming to rest in a field. Both occupants were transported by EMS to Crisp Regional Hospital.  The accident is under investigation.


At approximately 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning two masked men forced their way into the residence of 3994 Old Penia Road. Within thirty minutes 911 received a call from the residence stating that a subject had been shot. The victim is 40 year old Geoffrey Jones. Jones was not home at the time the two entered the residence but arrived shortly after. The suspects stole a vehicle from the residence at the time of the invasion. It was found a short time later abandoned a few miles from the residence. Mr. Jones was transported by EMS to Crisp Regional where he died from his injuries. Crisp County Sheriff’s Deputies are being assisted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Community Supervision, and the Cordele District Attorney’s Office.

Sunday’s homicide/home invasion investigation has continued throughout the day. Sheriff Billy Hancock and the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office Investigators have been assisted by the GBI, Community Supervision, District Attorney's Office, Georgia State Patrol, US Marshal Service, and the Mid-South Narcotics Task Force, with approximately 22 deputies and agents working throughout the day and night processing the scene and following leads that led to the death of Geoffrey Jones. At this time we believe that Jones was targeted and that this not a random act of violence. If you have any information that may assist with the case please contact the Investigative Division at 229-276-2600 or GBI Americus.



A defendant on trial for murdering a woman during a home invasion will spend his life behind bars after being sentenced in Crisp County Superior Court Thursday.

The jury took just over thirty minutes to return a guilty verdict on Cameron Carter who was charged in the September 2014 murder of Ashley Garry, who was found shot in her home. After a 4-month long investigation consisting of around 150 leads, Carter was located in Pulaski County where he was charged with burglary and obstruction. At that time he was found in possession of a loaded Jimenez Arms, 380 caliber pistol. Ballistics confirmed the weapon and its ammunition was a positive match to the weapon and ammo that killed Garry.


I want to thank the Crisp County Investigative Division and the GBI Agents for their long tireless efforts in solving this case. In the first few days numerous law enforcement officers went without sleep so they could interview witnesses and gather crucial evidence. The District Attorney Denise Fachini and her staff put in long hours preparing this case for prosecution so that it could be presented to a jury for a guilty verdict. Many people who will never have their name mentioned took part in this case, you know who you are and I thank each of you. A job well done and what a great team effort for our community, keep up the good work.

- Sheriff Billy Hancock


Approximately 50 different individuals from several different law enforcement and emergency management organizations participated in an “active shooter” training drill that staged reenactments of dangerous scenarios on the South Georgia Technical College Crisp County Center campus recently.

“I would like to thank all of the different agencies and individuals who took part in the planning and implementation of this drill,” said South Georgia Technical College Acting President Janice Davis. “In the world in which we live today, we have to be prepared for a worst case scenario and that is what today has been all about. We are conducting this drill in the hopes that something like this never happens.”

Individuals from the Cordele Police Department, Crisp County Sheriff’s Department, Crisp County Emergency Management Services, E911, Cordele and Crisp County Fire Departments, and South Georgia Technical College officials participated in the exercise. Several South Georgia Tech criminal justice students also participated in the drill as victims.


The Crisp County Sheriff's office is helping business owners and citizens protect themselves from robbers.

Sheriff Billy Hancock got the idea for the class from a program at a Sheriff's Office in Florida with hopes that business owners will become proactive about robberies.


Armed robberies don't happen everyday, but when they do Sheriff Billy Hancock wants to make sure that victims make it out alive.  "Let's talk about some of the elements of armed robberies,” said Sheriff Billy Hancock. “Let's talk about some of the things that people do when they do robberies. What causes easy targets for armed robberies."

Store Owner Bob Prajapati is one of many to attend the class. Robbers were caught on camera at his store last week.  "Still I'm pretty scared,” said Bob Prajapati, Store Owner. “I don't know but I think it will help from here."

"Robbery is the number one source of violence from strangers,” said Sheriff Billy Hancock.  Hancock stressed the importance of having quality surveillance, being aware of your surroundings and getting good descriptions of the robbers. They passed around a sheet of paper with descriptions of guns, automobiles and physical characteristics that will help police.  "We want them to get use to having it in their store, in their place of business,” said Sheriff Billy Hancock. “So that if a robbery occurs they pull that sheet out and they circle those items while they're fresh on their mind."

Security guard, Rayford Lynch, believes the class will also help him in his line of work.  “Just to be more observant of everything that goes on,” said Rayford Lynch, Security Guard.

"We just want them to be aware of things they can do to help us and then we want to be proactive and give them items that will help them prevent robberies,” said Sheriff Billy Hancock.  Nearly thirty people showed up to the first class. Sheriff Billy Hancock was so impressed by the turnout, another class has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 8th, 6:00 p.m., at the Crisp County Sheriff's Office.  RSVP to Cathy or Monica at (229) 276-2600.


We have received several calls from citizens concerning an IRS SCAM. Do NOT give out any information over the phone and do NOT call the number back. The caller states that you owe back taxes and that you need to give credit card information over the phone. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE.


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