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Welcome to the official website of the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office.  As we continuously seek

out new ways to enhance the public’s accessibility to our office and assorted services, this site

has been designed with our citizens in mind.  It is my desire to improve our ability to reach the

public using technology to increase the speed, accuracy, and availability of law enforcement

data that is so vital in today's information driven world.


With 102 years of service to the citizens of Crisp County, the men and women of our county-wide,

full-service law-enforcement agency strive to fulfill our constitutional duties and our public safety

mission, while improving the quality of life for those living, working in, and visiting Crisp County.

Throughout Crisp County our deputies continue to execute their duties more effectively and

efficiently than ever before.  


The Sheriff’s Office is proud of the alliance we have established with citizens, businesses,

community organizations, government leaders, and our fellow law enforcement agencies.  Our

collaborative efforts are central to fighting crime in our community.  In the past 12 months criminal

arrests have continued to increase.


Our office has grown to 57 deputies, 21 detention officers, 14 communications officers and another 6

civilians who are committed to providing superior service to our citizens of Crisp County.   I assure you

that we will remain focused on our core purpose to seek justice, preserve peace, and improve the quality

of life for all by providing exceptional law-enforcement services.


As the 11th Sheriff to serve Crisp County, it is my distinct honor and privilege to lead a sheriff’s office that

is highly visible and proactive while delivering a personal level of professional services to the citizens we

are sworn to protect.




Sheriff Billy Hancock

Crisp County, Georgia

NEW!  Thomas Matthew Black is wanted in Dodge County for an outstanding parole warrant and simple battery. Crisp County deputies, the Crisp County Tracking Team, and the Georgia State Patrol Aviation Unit were in the Lower Pateville Road area searching for Black.  They believe someone picked Black up and left the area. Anyone who sees Black should call the Crisp County Sheriff's Office at 229-276-2600.


Multiple law enforcement agencies from across Crisp County and the State of Georgia participated in Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at Crisp County Primary School.  It was great interacting with the Crisp County children.  We were motivated by their excitement!


We would like to thank each one of you that came to the Public Forum this week at the Community Clubhouse. We appreciate the time you sacrificed away from your family to come and share your ideas and concerns with us. We felt like we had a positive meeting and hopefully provided some insight on the services that your sheriff's office offers. Sheriff Billy Hancock and his staff are committed to the citizens of Crisp County! Thank you for allowing us to serve you.




We have BACK THE BLUE yard signs at the Sheriff's office. The cost is $10.00. We also have BACK THE BLUE decals. Small ones are $1.00 and the large ones are $2.00. Please come to the office between 8-5 Monday through Friday if you would like to purchase these items.


Friends of Crisp County, please do not become victim to anything that sounds to good to be true. The most recent "scam" we have had reported is known as the secret shopper. You should NEVER EVER have to cash a check and mail part of the money you receive back to anyone. PLEASE DO NOT CASH ANY CHECKS THAT YOU RECEIVE IN THE MAIL FROM PEOPLE THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW.


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

National Child Abuse Prevention month is a time to acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect, and to promote the social and emotional well-being of children and families.

Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Success Stories Video


April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month


One Call Can Change Everything

Fatality Estimates for 2016

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

The Problem

Free Cell Phone Policy Kit

Distracted Driving Research

What You Can Do

Distracted Driving Online Demo

A Video for Employers  



GBI's main line 404-244-2600 and GCIC's CCH Helpline (404-244-2639) have been Spoofed. When a telephone number is spoofed, the Caller ID will appear to be coming from a valid number. In the cases specifically related to the GBI or GCIC, the individual being called will see telephone number 404-244-2600 or 2639. In many of the phone calls, the caller has called home phones and cell phones stating that they are with the GBI collecting a debt with the IRS or collecting a dept for college and that there would be a warrant out for their arrest if they didn't pay the fine.

The GBI does NOT contact individuals for debt collection. If you get a call from anyone claiming to represent the GBI in this manner, you are urged NOT to conduct any business over the phone if you did not initiate the call. Additionally, DO NOT GIVE credit card information our to someone who has called you. The GBI is currently investigating this matter.

We have also had reports of "phony callers" calling on behalf of the Power Company, stating that if you do not make a payment immediately, your electricity will be disconnected. THIS IS ALSO A SCAM.

Beware of callers calling on behalf of the Surgeon Generals office, claiming that your social security number has been compromised. This is also a SCAM.



Crisp County SHERIFF'S Office is grateful the day after one our deputies was involved in a crash. Yesterday morning about 135 AM while responding to an emergency call a deer struck the right side of Deputy Kelly's car. The air bag deployed causing Deputy Kelly to lose control. He was transported to Crisp Regional by EMS and later released. The accident occurred on HWY 280 East of Cordele.


Crisp County citizens escaped the damage two confirmed grounded tornadoes last week. The first Tornado entered the county at approximately 2:00pm the second was soon to follow entering the county at 4:00pm. Both tornadoes were confirmed by trained personnel. The second round caused a considerable amount of hail ranging for quarter to golf ball size little to no damage was reported.


- Photo courtesy of Recreational Department Director Eric Bozeman of Confirmed tornado in Crisp County.


In the early morning of Tuesday, March 28, 2017, Deputy Michael Middleton stopped a vehicle driven by 34 year-old Larry Hamilton of Byromville, Georgia for loud music. During the stop, Deputy Middleton discovered that Hamilton had given him a false name. When Deputy Middleton with assistance from Cordele Police Officers confronted Hamilton about this, Hamilton sped off in his vehicle. A brief chase ensued and ended when Hamilton wrecked. He was then taken into custody without further incident.

Hamilton’s vehicle was searched and Officers discovered over 64 grams of suspected cocaine, 13 MDMA pills and $824 in cash. The drugs seized are valued at approximately $2,100 dollars.

Hamilton was charged with attempting to elude, reckless driving, driving on suspended license trafficking in cocaine and possession of MDMA. He is currently being held in the Crisp County Detention Center.



Congratulations to Lance Spurling and Ben Watson on their recent graduation from the GPSTC Law Enforcement Academy in Tifton.  We also congratulate the new Cordele PD officers who graduated. Good luck to all of them.



We received a report this morning of Cows on the loose at Crisp County Primary School. As you can see below, it is our duty to corral that livestock. Cow has been impounded by Deputy Hawkins!

O.C.G.A. 4-3-4 (2010)
4-3-4. Impoundment of livestock running at large or straying

(a) It shall be the duty of the sheriff, his deputies, or any other county law enforcement officer to impound livestock found to be running at large or straying. Owners or operators of farms may also impound such livestock, provided that the livestock is kept in a suitable place and cared for properly; such owners or operators shall receive the feed and care fee allowed in Code Section 4-3-10.

(b) If an owner or operator of a farm impounds livestock, it shall be his duty to notify the owner of such livestock immediately. If the owner of the livestock is unknown and is not determined within three days, the person who impounds the livestock shall notify the sheriff of such impoundment; and the sheriff shall transport the livestock as soon as possible to a county pound as provided for in Code Section 4-3-11. The sheriff shall then follow the procedure set out in this chapter as if he had originally impounded such livestock.


We had a large crowd at our open house Saturday at the Sheriff's office. Thank you for your support and taking the time out of your day to tour our facility. We enjoyed seeing all of you. We will have another one in the fall. Thank you, for allowing us to serve you.


The 2017 CHAMPS graduation for fifth graders was held Friday at the Middle School Auditorium. The program began with an invocation by Alexis Meadowns and the presentation of colors by the JROTC. The National Anthem was sang by Madilynn Thompson and the pledge of allegiance led by Brandon Dowdell.The guest speaker was retired Honorable Judge John C. Pridgen. Judge Pridgen delivered a positive message to the students about making good decisions. He emphasized that our actions have consequences and that with the freedom we have, comes responsibility! The children were attentive and were proud to be graduating. Sheriff Hancock is thankful for each parent and grandparent that attended the graduation. We had multiple county leaders in attendance today supporting our youth. Present was our county administrator, city and county commissioners, department heads, the school board chairman and school board members as well as the mayor of Arabi. We appreciate your support of the CHAMPS program and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to outwardly show our youth that you believe in them and care about their future. Each graduate was wearing their CHAMPS shirt provided by the sheriff’s office and each received a certificate of completion. The students will celebrate with a dance this evening from 5:30-7:30 at the Crisp County High School Cafeteria. Sheriff Hancock and the staff of the Sheriff’s office are very grateful for the high school role models and the positive impact that they had on the students. The role models were rewarded by Sheriff Hancock, enjoying a meal at the Golden Corral. The role models are Alexis Meadows, Madilynn Thompson, Markeviest “Big Cat” Bryant and Brandon Dowdell. Without the cooperation of the school system, teachers and CHAMPS instructors, this program would not be possible. We are forever grateful for your dedication to the future leaders of our community!  (Click on the pictures below to view full-size)


If you receive a call from a 400 number with an automated system asking for your credit card information, do not give them your information. The automated call requests this information supposedly so that you can use your card internationally. We highly discourage anyone giving credit card information over the phone. Do not become a victim.






Sheriff Hancock, the Mid-South Narcotics Task Force, and the Traffic Division of the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office have made multiple misdemeanor and felony drug arrests. While out on patrol last Friday night, Sheriff Hancock made a felony possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute arrest. The following week Deputies within the Traffic Division made five misdemeanor possession of marijuana charges, one underage alcohol possession arrest, and multiple traffic citations. They also recovered numerous pipes commonly used for smoking illegal narcotics, scales, sometimes used when dealing with illegal narcotics and other drug paraphernalia. Our Deputies are working diligently to keep our highways safe and vehicle crashes to a minimum. Ending the week, agents with the Mid-South Narcotics Task Force served a search warrant on a local business. Agents had received multiple complaints about the area located at 504 West 14th Avenue and started an investigation. Several individuals were present when the search was conducted. Agents recovered approximately 59 pieces of crack cocaine and 74 hydrocodone tablets. Also seized were two semi-automatic pistols and a 16-gauge shotgun. The offenders were charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of hydrocodone with the intent to distribute. We will continue to take information from anonymous callers and use it to investigate and be proactive in keeping drugs off the streets in our community, therefore making it a safer place to live and work. As Sheriff Billy Hancock has said before, “If you See Something, Say Something.” Drug investigations are not completed over night, however, we take every call very seriously and appreciate the information our citizens are willing to provide.


Crisp County Sheriff's Office Chaplain, Carjeffra Wilson was recognized as an Outstanding Georgia Citizen by Secretary of State, Brian Kemp on February 27, 2017 at the Capitol in Atlanta. We are very proud of him and are very fortunate to have him and David Grantham as our chaplains. Both of them will be attending the Georgia Sheriff's Association, Georgia Law Enforcement Basic Chaplains Certification Class at Epworth By The Sea beginning Sunday, March 5th through Friday, March 10, 2017. We are excited for both of them to receive this training and their willingness to serve our agency. Both are very active in Crisp County and have blessed us during our monthly prayer breakfast and their encouraging visits.


As part of his new duties, Capt. Tommy Kimbrel has been out visiting and mingling with people in our community. Capt. Kimbrel started the new year off as our supervisor for Public Relations. He has spent time at all Crisp County schools, riding the bus, eating lunch and just closing the gap between kids and deputies. Kimbrel has also visited the nursing homes, increasing the feeling of safety for the residents and spending time loving on them. You will continue to see him out and about. If you or your business have a specific need, please do not hesitate to give him a call. He has a broad spectrum of duties, the most important, being available to and serving the needs of the citizens in our community. Pictured with Capt. Kimbrel are Mrs. Massey and Mrs. Pounds. There smiles lit up the room.


911 dispatchers sent deputies to a report of a gas drive-off at the Plantation House, located at Exit 92 on I-75. Deputy Chase McNeese spotted a silver Nissan matching the description. He initiated a traffic stop on the driver of the vehicle, northbound at Exit 97. While exiting the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle swapped places with the passenger and fled North on I-75. Deputy McNeese pursued the vehicle as it traveled in excess of 100mph. The driver continued driving erratically, changing lanes as it crossed over into Dooly county. At approximately mile marker 115, the driver crossed the median, traveling back south and exited at exit 112. A Georgia State Trooper was able to perform the pit maneuver and bring the vehicle to a stop. The occupants of the Nissan exited the vehicle without further incident. The vehicle was confirmed stolen from Nebraska. The offenders, 28 year-old Bradley L. Petermann and 21 year-old Adrianna M. Little Eagle McFarland, both from Omaha, Nebraska face multiple charges as the investigation continues.


Turner County Deputies pursued a stolen car into Tift County, ending in a wreck. Two subjects that were wanted for burglary and aggravated assault fled on foot and were later caught with the combined efforts of the Tift, Turner and Crisp County Deputies. Crisp County's bloodhound tracked them down. Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester expressed appreciation to all the deputies involved.


Our first Prayer Breakfast of the year was a great success. Thanks to our two Chaplains, David Grantham and Jeff Wilson for serving and leading us.


Sheriff Hancock is warning of a recent phone scam that doesn't require much information on the victims end of the line.

Scammers are calling, asking the simple and common question, "Can you hear me?" When you reply "yes", you have just unknowingly given them the power to confirm your identity! The callers are recording your "yes" response and later using it to get money from your accounts.

Do not become a victim, there is an easy solution in protecting yourself. DO NOT answer calls from unknown numbers or numbers that you are not familiar. Please inform your family of this scam, especially the elderly, as they are targeted victims.

We will always do our best in protecting you and your identity, please help us, help you. DO NOT give out personal information over the phone and DO NOT answer the phone if the number is not in your contact list.

You can never be too careful!

You can also report suspicious or unwanted calls to the FTC's National Do Not Call Registry and register your home and mobile numbers for free to avoid or at least lessen the frequency with which you receive unsolicited calls.


Please be aware of a USPS delivery scam. You will receive an email, stating that you missed delivery on a package. They request that you click on a link to print a mail label so that the package may be delivered. DO NOT DO THIS. It will cause your computer to be infected with a virus. The US postal service will not contact you by email in reference to package deliveries.  For more information, please click here.







Deputies responded to a call at approximately 6:15, Saturday, February 11th, at 3587 Hwy 280 East in reference to someone being shot. When officers arrived, they located 33 year-old Joshua Pakula of Cordele lying on the ground, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the chest. Pakula was transported by EMS to the Cordele airport, where AirEvac transported him to Navicent Health Center in Macon Georgia.

Also at the scene was a subject that identified himself as Demetrius Colllins. Collins is from Tifton, Georgia, however, has been residing at the residence where the shooting occurred. Collins was arrested on an outstanding probation warrant from Turner County and a probation violation. Deputies were told that Michael Underwood, Robbie Poole and Katrina Hodges had fled the scene. Located in a wooded area behind the home were Underwood and Hodges. Underwood is currently charged with pointing a gun at another and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Hodges, from a Dooly County Address was questioned and is being held on a probation violation. Poole, who was located late Sunday afternoon was arrested on a probation warrant.

The investigation continues into the events of the evening and more charges are anticipated. Investigators have worked through the night in an effort to learn the facts surrounding the event. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pakula family and the young man in Macon as he fights to survive his injuries.


Local governments in Crisp County will be eligible for reimbursement of funds spent during the recent tornado. Sheriff Hancock thanks Governor Deal, Director Bryson, and the frderal government for their rapid response to Crisp County's needs.


CODE RED is an automated system that allows you to be notified by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. Examples include: evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, and missing child reports. Click Here to Sign-Up To learn about the CODE RED Mobile App Click Here.




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