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Welcome to the official website of the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office.  As we continuously seek

out new ways to enhance the public’s accessibility to our office and assorted services, this site

has been designed with our citizens in mind.  It is my desire to improve our ability to reach the

public using technology to increase the speed, accuracy, and availability of law enforcement

data that is so vital in today's information driven world.


With 100 years of service to the citizens of Crisp County, the men and women of our county-wide,

full-service law-enforcement agency strive to fulfill our constitutional duties and our public safety

mission, while improving the quality of life for those living, working in, and visiting Crisp County.

Throughout Crisp County our deputies continue to execute their duties more effectively and

efficiently than ever before.  


The Sheriff’s Office is proud of the alliance we have established with citizens, businesses,

community organizations, government leaders, and our fellow law enforcement agencies.  Our

collaborative efforts are central to fighting crime in our community.  In the past 12 months criminal

arrests have continued to increase.


Our office has grown to 57 deputies, 21 detention officers, and another 6 civilians who are committed

to providing superior service to our citizens of Crisp County.   I assure you that we will remain focused

on our core purpose to seek justice, preserve peace, and improve the quality of life for all by providing

exceptional law-enforcement services.


As the 11th Sheriff to serve Crisp County, it is my distinct honor and privilege to lead a sheriff’s office that

is highly visible and proactive while delivering a personal level of professional services to the citizens we

are sworn to protect.




Sheriff Billy Hancock

Crisp County, Georgia

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NEW!  Sheriff Billy Hancock and the Crisp County Sheriff's office will be hosting a "First Steps" Public Firearms Class on March 26th. and 28th Class will be held on March 26th from 6-8 p.m. During this training on March 26th you will be given a time slot for practical training on March 28th. The District Attorney's Office will present information on legality issues of possessing firearms as well as members of the Crisp County Sheriff's Office about firearm safety and fundamentals. This class will utilize the Laser Shot Simulator in place of live fire, making it perfect for those undecided about firearms and those who have never fired a weapon. For information or to register, please contact Captain Cathy Childs or Sergeant Michael Fraser at (229)276-2600. Please click here for more information.


NEW! Sheriff Billy Hancock praised the work of two brave deputies who may have saved the county thousands of dollars when a fire broke out Wednesday night in the kitchen of the Crisp County Detention Center.  Two deputies fought smoke and flames and contained the fire until firefighters arrived. If the fire had spread, it could've cost nearly $20,000 to relocate the inmates.  "Everybody did great but two people especially that grabbed those fire extinguishers and went into that dark room with that fire in an effort to put it out last night went above and beyond what their call of duty is," said Sheriff Billy Hancock. "Thanks to the firemen, paramedics and others who responded so quickly. A tip of the hat to those of you who put the safety of others first, you were a great team."  The fire started in a pile of towels that had come out of the dryer. 



NEW!  Willie Telfair plead guilty to the October 2014 incident involving Mr. Eugene Dennard. Telfair was charged with Aggravated Battery, Robbery by force, Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping, Theft by taking and Interference with government property. Telfair received two 20 year consecutive sentences for a total of 40 years to serve.


NEW!  Several agencies across the state are contacting the Crisp County Sheriff's Office about the department's new laser simulator that trains officers on when to use deadly force, while also allowing members of the public to see what law enforcers face with each day.  Deputies from Crisp County are headed to Appling County to demonstrate the training tool early next month.  Sheriff Hancock saw the importance of letting the people in the community know the stresses that law enforcement is put under and the type of training that is available to them.  Other agencies will see the benefits as well.


On Friday, February 13, 2015 at approximately 12:30 pm Task Force Agents who were about to eat lunch overheard and saw what appeared to be an argument inside a parked vehicle. Agents recognized the vehicle being the same one that was used in a shoplifting case in Cordele Thursday, February 12, 2015. Further investigation led to the arrest of 25 year old Erica Owens Clark of 424 Fish Hatchery Road, Cordele, Georgia and 29 year old Paul Head of 29 Union Street, Vienna, Georgia. Clark is charged with Possession of Methamphetamine and Head is charged with Possession of Methamphetamine with intent to distribute and Possession of hydrocodone and oxycodone. Both are being held in the Crisp County Detention Center.


Giving false information leads to the arrest of two brothers. According to Sheriff Billy Hancock, Sergeant Ben Sumner stopped a vehicle for a speeding violation on Interstate 75. During Sumner’s conversation with the occupants it was believed that they were giving false identification. Further investigation confirmed that to be true and both were arrested for giving false information to an officer. Incident to the arrest, an inventory of the vehicle was done prior the wreckers arrival. Located in the vehicle was approximately 9 ounces of marijuana with a street value of about $900.00. Arrested and charged are 25 years old Derek and Cedric Baker of Barney Georgia. Both are charged with Possession of marijuana and giving false information to an officer. The driver, Derek Baker is also charged with driving on suspended license and driving on defective tires. Sheriff Hancock commends Sgt. Sumner and his effort to keep drugs out of our community. 


While patrolling the city of Cordele for criminal activity, Sheriff Billy Hancock noticed a vehicle sitting on the west side of the old Mitchell Bait and Tackle store with the motor running.  Sheriff Billy Hancock and Major Joey Arzola noticed the occupants of the vehicle passing something back and forth between the front and back seat.  Major Arzola noticed the driver place something in the floor of the vehicle. At this time Sheriff Hancock activated his blue lights.  Sheriff Hancock requested the driver exit the vehicle. Sheriff Hancock detected the odor of suspected marijuana coming from the vehicle. The investigation continued and approximately 4 and a half ounces of marijuana and 25 hydrocodone pills were found. Also located in the vehicle were scales for weighing and baggies commonly used for packaging of drugs to sell. Arrested was the driver, 22 year old Keyaundre Cheese and the passenger 22 year old Markevious Johnson both of Cordele. Both are charged with Possession of Marijuana with intent, Possession of hydrocodone and Possession of a Schedule I or II drug with intent to distribute. Cheese and Johnson have both posted bond.


On September 6, 2014, 27 year old Ashley Nicole Garry was a victim of a homicide insider her residence. The cause of death was a single gunshot wound. The investigation revealed that there was a 32-40 inch flat screen television taken from the residence as well as other items.

GBI agents and investigators with the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office have continued working and gathering information since Ms. Garry’s death in September, following approximately 150 leads to date.

Information led authorities to an individual of interest in Pulaski County, Georgia. Further investigation revealed that the subject of interest was incarcerated in Pulaski County for a burglary. Reports and interviews continued. During the process it was discovered that the burglary offender had a loaded Jimenez Arms, .380 caliber pistol in his possession at the time of his arrest.

A .380 caliber pistol is the murder weapon of Ashley Garry. Pulaski County authorities, GBI and Crisp County Investigators conferred and it was decided that the weapon be sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab for ballistic testing. Not only was the weapon a match of the one used to kill Ashley Garry but ballistic test confirmed that the ammunition also matched that of the cause of the death of Ashley.

It is with a burden lifted today that I and these other law enforcement officials tell you that warrants have been secured for 25 year old Cameron Taboris Carter for the death of Ashley Garry. His charges are as follows:

Malice Murder, Felony Murder, Aggravated Assault, 1st Degree Home Invasion, Commission of a crime by a convicted felon through use of a firearm, 1st Degree Burglary and Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Sheriff Billy Hancock would like to thank the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, Americus Georgia Bureau of Investigation as well as his own investigative division for the diligent work during the last 4 ½ months following Ashley’s death. Countless hours have been spent working following each and every lead. The investigation will continue and Sheriff Billy Hancock asks that anyone with information about Carter or the case, please notify the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office or the Americus Georgia Bureau of Investigation office in Americus.

Sheriff Billy Hancock looks forward to working with District Attorney Denise Fachini, whose office has been involved since day one in the successful prosecution of Cameron Carter.

Carter is housed in the Crisp County Detention Center for Pulaski County until these charges can be handled. He was denied bond on multiple charges and remains in custody.


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