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Welcome to the official website of the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office.  As we continuously seek

out new ways to enhance the public’s accessibility to our office and assorted services, this site

has been designed with our citizens in mind.  It is my desire to improve our ability to reach the

public using technology to increase the speed, accuracy, and availability of law enforcement

data that is so vital in today's information driven world.


With 102 years of service to the citizens of Crisp County, the men and women of our county-wide,

full-service law-enforcement agency strive to fulfill our constitutional duties and our public safety

mission, while improving the quality of life for those living, working in, and visiting Crisp County.

Throughout Crisp County our deputies continue to execute their duties more effectively and

efficiently than ever before.  


The Sheriff’s Office is proud of the alliance we have established with citizens, businesses,

community organizations, government leaders, and our fellow law enforcement agencies.  Our

collaborative efforts are central to fighting crime in our community.  In the past 12 months criminal

arrests have continued to increase.


Our office has grown to 57 deputies, 21 detention officers, 14 communications officers and another 6

civilians who are committed to providing superior service to our citizens of Crisp County.   I assure you

that we will remain focused on our core purpose to seek justice, preserve peace, and improve the quality

of life for all by providing exceptional law-enforcement services.


As the 11th Sheriff to serve Crisp County, it is my distinct honor and privilege to lead a sheriff’s office that

is highly visible and proactive while delivering a personal level of professional services to the citizens we

are sworn to protect.




Sheriff Billy Hancock

Crisp County, Georgia


NEW!  At approximately 1:30pm Tuesday, 911 dispatchers sent deputies to a report of a gas drive-off at the Plantation House, located at Exit 92 on I-75. Deputy Chase McNeese spotted a silver Nissan matching the description. He initiated a traffic stop on the driver of the vehicle, northbound at Exit 97. While exiting the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle swapped places with the passenger and fled North on I-75. Deputy McNeese pursued the vehicle as it traveled in excess of 100mph. The driver continued driving erratically, changing lanes as it crossed over into Dooly county. At approximately mile marker 115, the driver crossed the median, traveling back south and exited at exit 112. A Georgia State Trooper was able to perform the pit maneuver and bring the vehicle to a stop. The occupants of the Nissan exited the vehicle without further incident. The vehicle was confirmed stolen from Nebraska. The offenders, 28 year-old Bradley L. Petermann and 21 year-old Adrianna M. Little Eagle McFarland, both from Omaha, Nebraska face multiple charges as the investigation continues.


NEW!  Turner County Deputies pursued a stolen car into Tift County, ending in a wreck. Two subjects that were wanted for burglary and aggravated assault fled on foot and were later caught with the combined efforts of the Tift, Turner and Crisp County Deputies. Crisp County's bloodhound tracked them down. Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester expressed appreciation to all the deputies involved.


NEW!  Our first Prayer Breakfast of the year was a great success. Thanks to our two Chaplains, David Grantham and Jeff Wilson for serving and leading us.


Sheriff Hancock is warning of a recent phone scam that doesn't require much information on the victims end of the line.

Scammers are calling, asking the simple and common question, "Can you hear me?" When you reply "yes", you have just unknowingly given them the power to confirm your identity! The callers are recording your "yes" response and later using it to get money from your accounts.

Do not become a victim, there is an easy solution in protecting yourself. DO NOT answer calls from unknown numbers or numbers that you are not familiar. Please inform your family of this scam, especially the elderly, as they are targeted victims.

We will always do our best in protecting you and your identity, please help us, help you. DO NOT give out personal information over the phone and DO NOT answer the phone if the number is not in your contact list.

You can never be too careful!

You can also report suspicious or unwanted calls to the FTC's National Do Not Call Registry and register your home and mobile numbers for free to avoid or at least lessen the frequency with which you receive unsolicited calls.


Please be aware of a USPS delivery scam. You will receive an email, stating that you missed delivery on a package. They request that you click on a link to print a mail label so that the package may be delivered. DO NOT DO THIS. It will cause your computer to be infected with a virus. The US postal service will not contact you by email in reference to package deliveries.  For more information, please click here.







Deputies responded to a call at approximately 6:15, Saturday, February 11th, at 3587 Hwy 280 East in reference to someone being shot. When officers arrived, they located 33 year-old Joshua Pakula of Cordele lying on the ground, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the chest. Pakula was transported by EMS to the Cordele airport, where AirEvac transported him to Navicent Health Center in Macon Georgia.

Also at the scene was a subject that identified himself as Demetrius Colllins. Collins is from Tifton, Georgia, however, has been residing at the residence where the shooting occurred. Collins was arrested on an outstanding probation warrant from Turner County and a probation violation. Deputies were told that Michael Underwood, Robbie Poole and Katrina Hodges had fled the scene. Located in a wooded area behind the home were Underwood and Hodges. Underwood is currently charged with pointing a gun at another and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Hodges, from a Dooly County Address was questioned and is being held on a probation violation. Poole, who was located late Sunday afternoon was arrested on a probation warrant.

The investigation continues into the events of the evening and more charges are anticipated. Investigators have worked through the night in an effort to learn the facts surrounding the event. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pakula family and the young man in Macon as he fights to survive his injuries.


Local governments in Crisp County will be eligible for reimbursement of funds spent during the recent tornado. Sheriff Hancock thanks Governor Deal, Director Bryson, and the frderal government for their rapid response to Crisp County's needs.


Deputy Malinda Bair and Deputy Devosie Jones were on a federal inmate transport trip last week in Valdosta. The two decided to eat at Waffle House. After eating their meal, a gentleman approached the officers and told them that he had paid for their meal and he appreciated their service. Deputy Bair got up and hugged him. The man walked out and returned with this original "thank you" beanie baby. Thank you, sir! You made our deputies feel extremely appreciated.


Crisp and surrounding counties have been greatly affected by recent severe weather. Hopefully the information we provide you this week, as part of severe weather preparedness week, will provide further education about severe weather and what you can do prior to in order to keep your family as safe as possible.

Severe weather comes in many forms including thunderstorms and damaging winds. In Crisp County, thunderstorms are a frequent occurrences throughout the year. So we should all be prepared. The first step to being prepared for a thunderstorm is understanding what the alerts mean:

• Severe Thunderstorm WATCH means that conditions are favorable for a severe thunderstorms to develop, but there is not an imminent threat.

• Severe Thunderstorm WARNING means a severe thunderstorm has been detected and an imminent threat to life and property has developed.

It is important that you get information on severe weather watches and warnings. You can watch television, listen to the radio, or use local available alerts for warnings of severe weather. To help ensure our citizens receive life-saving weather information, Crisp County provides the Code-Red weather warn to all citizens free of charge. Go online to or call our office at 276-2600 for assistance.

If you get a warning that severe weather is imminent make sure you have a plan of where to go. If you are inside, move to a shelter such as a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of the building. If you are caught outside during any thunderstorm, seek shelter in a sturdy structure.







We have had a couple of calls today concerning "scam" numbers calling different people in Crisp County. Please do not provide these callers with any personal information.

Two of the numbers calling are 404-996-0229 and 907-273-8445.


Crisp County EMA Director Sheriff Billy Hancock spent the morning delivering new weather radios to the schools in Crisp County.


Tying a tie, throwing a football, and mastering the morning shave are just a few of the classic moments typically shared between fathers and sons. However, in a world where screen-time tends to outweigh actual face time, the internet often replaces dad as the go-to resource for “how to” information. And while the internet may “know all,” we know it’s dad who often knows best for his own son.

 With Father’s Day on the horizon, Gillette is putting the spotlight back on dads and encouraging guys, no matter where they are or what they’re doing, to “Go Ask Dad.” To help foster even more “Go Ask Dad” moments, Gillette is making a donation to the WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program that will impact 55,000 teens in high schools across the country.  Check out Gillette’s YouTube page to see how they’re help fueling the “Go Ask Dad” movement.


CODE RED is an automated system that allows you to be notified by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. Examples include: evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, and missing child reports. Click Here to Sign-Up To learn about the CODE RED Mobile App Click Here.




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